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Your Marriage Can Overcome Anything

Join us as Josh & Dr. Brittany Lashua take the stage at Elevated Marriages in Frisco, Texas to share a pivotal part of their relationship testimonial. For the first time from stage, the Lashuas share how they not only overcame a sexual affair but also allowed this painfilled season to grow them individually and as a couple. In this exclusive episode, they will uncover what led to the affair, what part each person played into that devastating season, and what they did to heal and grow closer to each other.

Today, Josh and Dr. Brittany have deep intimacy with each other, a beautiful daughter, a son on the way, a coaching platform to help other couples overcome their junk and live in the marriage they desire, two thriving businesses, and so much more.

Want to hear more from Josh and Dr. Britt? Check out the Same Team Forever podcast!

Same Team Retreat at Lancaster Manor

Retreat Opportunities: Join us on the exclusive all-inclusive couples retreat ME-YOU-US happening April 5-7, 2024 at the amazing Lancaster Manor in Gainesville, Texas. Learn more.

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