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Get to know your Guides -
Josh and Dr. Brittany!

We, Josh and Brittany, married in 2014 and have the cutest little toddler you have ever seen! We're not biased :)
When we met, we knew almost instantly that this was "it" and we were married 9 months later. While we have deep love for each other, our marriage has not been without challenges and hurdles. As you might know, as humans, we brought our stuff into marriage and had to learn to choose the other no matter what. 

When we were first together, we aligned on our love for couples and wanting people to have the kind of love and life they dream of. We have felt the pull and passion for people just like you as we were dreaming of our life together. It still feels like someone should pinch us! We watched this dream be realized early in our marriage as we lead a couples life group and then focused on the young  and marrieds. After some time, we had the opportunity to speak regularly to the marriage ministry where we attend church. 

Now we get to spend our time helping couples all over the country choose their ultimate relationship destination. This is our dream. Same Team Forever exists to help couples just like YOU have the relationship of your dreams! 
It truly is our biggest honor to come along side couples and families to cultivate a Same Team philosophy of life.  

We look forward to joining with you on your journey. 
Josh & Brittany


Unsure of your next steps?

We honor the fact that you are here. We know that sometimes, we can have a desire to have and be better yet still be unsure of what the best solution for you is. Contact us today if you need help determining the best next move for you and where you want to be. 

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