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Do you want to cultivate the relationship of your dreams?

ME . YOU . US .

There has never been a better time to be the partner you want to be and have the partner you want to have! 
Be a part of your own dream at this incredible live 3 day immersive event! 

July 21st & 22nd

“Unless it’s mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it’s a waste of your time. There are too many mediocre things in life. Love shouldn’t be one of them.”
-Dream for an Insomniac

Me-You-Us: Couples SameTeam Event
Me-You-Us: Couples SameTeam Event
Jul 21, 10:00 AM – Jul 22, 8:00 PM
Elevate Life Church,
8500 Teel Pkwy, Frisco, TX 75034, USA

We’re experiencing some of the most pivotal moments in our lives and relationships RIGHT NOW…. 

2023 can be the best year you have ever had in your relationship. 


This is the year that you are called to show up as the partner you’ve always wanted to be, to live the relational life you’ve always dreamt of. Together, let’s be who we know we can be, who we’re called to be—let’s live with more love and enjoyment than we’ve ever imagined. NOW is the time to stop playing it safe. It is your time to live full of love and passion! 


What does this mean? This means that you wake up and feel energized by the relationship that you have. It means that you take action on the decision to wake up with love and joy in your relationship. It means you are ready to take on whatever challenges that life throws at your relationship, together—as a team! 

SameTeam Forever’s Me.You.Us. Event

July 21st & 22nd will give you the courage and confidence to create the relationship you’ve dreamt of and be the partner you know you’ve needed to be.

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What to expect:

This is where you connect, have fun, and leave with renewed energy about your life and your relationship. 

The Me.You.Us. Event is the decision to take your relationship to the next level! This interactive event is about understanding yourself in relationship and growing in connection with your partner as well as giving you tools to create the relationship you have been dreaming of having. We know that having the kind of relationship that you want to have starts with y-o-u.


We know this might seem pretty out there, but you truly can create the kind of relationship you want to have in spite of whatever pain and brokenness you might have experienced prior to your relationship starting and after. We really believe you are able and capable to take the steps to create it. We know this is true also because it has been true for our marriage. There is so much power in our choice! The event includes topics like: emotional security, relationship busters & builders, building intimacy, needs, communication, sex, and so much more. 


We want you to have the relationship of your dreams, that's why we created the Me.You.Us Event. It will help you be certain in your decisions about what you're going to do in your relationship, and most importantly, who you are going to be. Whether you want to make small changes or big changes, we are high-fiving you for taking this step. We look forward to joining in with you as we dance, cry, laugh, celebrate and grow your relationship into the relationship of your dreams.

Attend 100% Risk Free

If you are unable to attend for any reason, you may have someone substitute for your participation in the program. Reach out to at least 30 days prior to the event to transfer your enrollment. A $75 fee will apply. Previously transferred and complimentary tickets are not eligible. If you are unable to attend and do not wish to substitute, contact We will convert your enrollment to a non-refundable Me.You.Us. voucher which must be used within one year from your original Me.You.Us. event date. Some restrictions apply. A complimentary enrollment is valid for the event date listed in the electronic confirmation only and is non-refundable/non-transferable. Once the event commences, customers seeking a refund will need to visit our Customer Service booth during the Day 2 afternoon meal break at the event. Refunds are authorized at the event only. You must have attended the event up until the Day 2 afternoon meal break and request your refund at the Customer Service Desk during the Day 2 afternoon meal break. At your option, we will apply your tuition to any SameTeam Forever event, or send you a full refund. Simply turn in your workbook and name badge to a Customer Service Representative at the Customer Service Desk. Complimentary enrollments are not eligible for refund.