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James & Maria


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James & Maria

"The Lashuas approach to guiding our mindsets, helping us understand each other's relational needs and preferences, and developing a shared vision for our family legacy has challenged us to grow TOGETHER in ways we didn't even know we needed. On top of the exceptional guidance we've received from Josh and Brittany, their relentless discipline in living out everything they teach has been an inspirational example to model our own relationship after!"


Alan & Cortney

"When we met the Lashuas, we had just come out of one of the worst seasons we had ever known. Our thought processes and actions were on “survival mode” because of the previous season. They helped us recognize it, move past it, and learn how to operate in faith and put fear behind us. We are eternally grateful for them because they helped unlock pieces of ourselves we had not seen or forgot were there. Through that eye opening and gentle process, our family has THRIVED like never before. Josh and Britt challenge us to grow and give us the courage to create our own slice of heaven on earth within our family."

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