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Why #SameTeamForever

You are here! We could not be more excited that you are here. We are Josh and Dr. Brittany Lashua and you are sitting in our dream right now. We both knew from the beginning that we wanted to have a marriage that had passion, purpose, and a mission. I, Dr. Brittany, came from a family where marriage was done well whereas Josh knew a lot of what he did not want. Yet we came together to purpose the marriage of our dreams.

While we had and still have the heart and desire for helping others, our own marriage was not and is not void of conflict. We are human, so naturally we both brought things into our marriage that created conflict. We know exactly what it's like to feel stuck. We know what it's like to feel like you are just going in circles with your spouse. We've been there (and it’s not fun!)

However, we chose to make changes to get out of that place! Thanks to our own path of personal growth (which eventually led to Brittany becoming a licensed counselor and obtaining a PhD), our coaching experiences, and research driven methodology, we have been able to learn what makes relationships work. We have used these strategies ourselves to create the relationship we always dreamed of.

A few years ago, we went away on a quarterly retreat, a regular getaway just for us, to do some writing, vision planning, and reconnecting. This is where Same Team Forever was born. At the time, we did not have all the answers but we knew what was in our hearts. Using our own growth process, education, experiences from counseling and coaching both individuals and couples, we have combined a biblical worldview and real psychology to create a framework to help couples have the relationship of their dreams. We created Same Team Forever for you because we know relationships can be a struggle but it doesn’t have to be.

Same Team Forever is about you and for you. We believe in the power of connection and choice. We challenge the beliefs that may be keeping you stuck. We help you shift your focus, because as my man Tony Robbins says, “Where your focus goes, so your energy flows”. We give handles that you can apply immediately no matter where you are in life or your relationships. What do you have to lose? What is your relationship destination? Did you know that you get to decide where that is? What if I told you everything you ever wanted out of your relationship is on the other side of being on the same team? You are not alone; we are with you. We are on the SAME TEAM BRO!

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